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Bathmate Discount Coupon 2018

Bathmate Discount Coupons for 2018 have been added below.

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Current 2018 Bathmate Discount Coupon:
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— January 08, 2018

Bathmate Discount Codes 2018

Bathmate Discount Coupon Codes for 2018 have been added below.

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Current 2018 Bathmate Discount Codes:
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Discount code: 3FR4HVZL1VIP


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— January 08, 2018

Jelqing Ehancement Serum

Bathmate has just released the World's First Jelqing Enhancement Serum to help guys get bigger and faster gains from their jelq sessions.

This Maxout TestostomaxTM formula works in harmony with the Bathmate Hydropump range, providing the user with bigger, better, quicker gains.

Just apply to your hands before you start your session and that's it. No need to wipe off. Leaves your skin smooth and hydrated.

— July 21, 2016

Best Place To Purchase A Bathmate In Canada

They accept payments in Canadian Dollars which saves all Canadian residents money (have you seen the exchange rates lately?) AND valuable time in shipping.

 Canadian Dollar exchange rate

List of BENEFITS in buying your Bathmate or Hydromax hydropump from BathmateShop Canada:

  • You pay in Canadian funds- avoiding high exchange rates.
  • Faster delivery with domestic shipping.
  • You avoid customs fees.
  • You support Canadian jobs.
  • They have a close working relationship with the manufacturer.
  • BathmateShop sells ONLY Genuine Bathmate Hydropumps.

— April 08, 2016

Bathmate Hydromax

Bathmate Hydromax pumps are a one of a kind water based penis pump that was introduced to the world over 10 years ago. Since then it has taken 70 countries by storm, becoming the best penis pump in the world!

Order by phone:
1 (800) 557 9643 (Sales Only)


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