Does Size Does Really Matter? Yes, it does!

Research shows that the majority of women get a better orgasm from men with a thicker & longer penis. Having a longer penis alows you to hit "the g-spot" as well as stimulate the vaginal walls. Using the Bathmate you can increase your penis length & thickness with most seeing results after your very first use!

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Bathmate Trim Personal Grooming Kit

Bathmate TRIM trimming kit is the best male groomer on the market. "Manscape" your body hair for a cleaner, more attractive appearance.

A trimmed pubic area also means you are able to obtain and maintain a maximum vacuum  with your pump for quicker gains.

Bathmate Trim Features:
  • German engineered blades that stay sharp cut after cut.
  • Multiple head extensions for safe trimming at desired lengths.
  • USB charger cord.
  • Hard-shell protective storage case.
  • Precisely tuned electric motor for clean cuts.
  • Can be used on all body hair.
The ultimate accessory to get the most vacuum from your Bathmate hydropump.
Specifically designed and engineered for Bathmate Hydromax users.