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Bathmate Buying Guide...

1.Choose your model:

a) Hercules: The original hydropump. For most men under 7.5" in length. Reliable. Effective. Economical.

b) Hydromax X30: The latest in male enhancement hydropump technology. Improved durability. Same size as the Hercules. Up to 30% more suction. Improved pelvic comfort pad over the Hercules. New valve assembly with locking technology. Very Effective. **BEST SELLER**

c) Hydromax X30 Xtreme Bundle: Same size as the X30 but packaged as a total male performance kit with hand ball pump and every accessory you'll ever need- support strap, protective case, long insert comfort pad and more. The X30 Xtreme is for the extreme P.E. user who wants the best in male hydro-therapy technology. **POPULAR**

d) Hydromax X20: The Hydromax X20 has the same great features as the Hydromax X30 and X40 but is a bit smaller, designed for guys whose penis in no longer than 5.5 inches and/or under 1.5" in girth.

e) Hydromax X20 Xtreme Bundle: **NEWEST ITEM** Same size as the regular X20 but sold with hand ball pump and every accessory you'll ever need. Including a support strap, protective case, long insert comfort pad and more. The Hydromax X20 Xtreme is for the Extreme P.E. user who wants the best results with the best of the best technology.

f) Hydromax X40: For men with above average penile girth/thickness. Same great features as the X30 but with a bigger tube and wider rubber gait. Make sure you're big enough for this before ordering.

g) Hydromax X40 Xtreme Bundle: Same size as the X40 but includes hand ball pump, towel, measuring gauge, hard-shell storage case, support strap, cleaning brush,  lube, long insert comfort pad, and more. Everything you need for your hydro pump is in this kit!

h) Goliath: For men 9+ inches in length or longer. 30% larger than the Hercules. Ships with shower strap and storage case. Make sure you're already big before you buy.



Internal Length: Internal Width (max): Available Colours: Pump Weight:

X20 & X20 Xtreme

197mm |7.75" 48mm | 1.90" red | blue | clear 241gr | 8.5oz


248mm | 9.75" 57mm | 2.25" red | blue | clear 252gr | 8.9oz

X30 & X30 Xtreme

248mm | 9.75" 57mm | 2.25" red | blue | clear 292gr | 10.3oz

X40 & X40 Xtreme

292mm | 11.5" 62mm | 2.45" red | blue | clear 436gr | 15.3oz


305mm | 12.0" 70mm | 2.75" subject to stock 499gr | 1lb 1.6oz

Keep in mind that the internal length will decrease by roughly 38mm (1.5") once a proper seal is achieved. Take this into consideration when choosing the correct size pump for you. DO NOT simply buy the biggest pump. Take measurements and buy the right size for you!

2. Select your pump colour (all colours are transparent).

3. Choose your accessories (optional):

a) Shower Strap: A rugged nylon support strap that helps prevent loss of suction. Hands free workouts allowing you to get things done! Good insurance against dropping your hydropump on the complex valve assembly. Fits all models.

b) Measuring Gauge: Record your progress by easily measuring your length and circumference with this durable measuring gauge designed for penises. An inexpensive tool that makes it easy to track your progress.

c) Cushion Rings ( For Hydromax models): **HOT ITEM** Our best-selling accessory. Specially designed to provide ultimate comfort and seal during your Bathmate pumping sessions. Smaller hole prevents testicle suction while increasing your hydro pump's length capacity by a quarter of an inch.

c) Cleaning Kit. Keep your Bathmate working like new for years. Specialized cleaning tool including 2 sponges, 2 quality towels, and a durable nylon storage bag to store your pump and cleaning products.

d) Long Insert Comfort Pad (For Hydromax models): Longer than the stock comfort pad. Extending up into the rubber gait (bellows) ensuring a smoother more comfortable experience. X30 and X40 sizes sold separately.

e) Foam Replacement Pads (For Bathmate models): Never have your workout regimen interrupted by a faulty comfort pad again. 3-pack. Hercules and Goliath sizes sold separately.

f) Hard-shell Capsule Case: An excellent accessory for the traveling gentleman not wanting to miss a beat. Protective and discreet. Available in two sizes. 

4. Place your order: You'll get two emails from us. The first being your order ID and receipt info. The second email will come about 24 hours after it ships and will provide you with a tracking link so that you may track your discrete package in real-time.

Bathmate Hydromax

Bathmate Hydromax pumps are a one of a kind water based penis pump that was introduced to the world over 10 years ago. Since then it has taken 70 countries by storm, becoming the best penis pump in the world!

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