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MAX Yummy Cummy - Taste Better

Make your cum taste sweeter with Max Yummy Cummy Pills!

MAX YummyCummy® does exactly what it sounds like, makes intimate fluid taste better. The food we eat can have an effect on the way fluids tastes and smell. For example, a diet rich in leafy greens and vegetables can cause a negative effect on the taste and smell of fluids, making them bitter.

  • MAX YummyCummy contains parsley and celery which act as odor and taste neutralizers. It is a
  • highly concentrated blend of core fruit extracts and fruit concentrates. The high concentration of fruit
  • will enhance the flavor and smell of intimate fluids, giving them a sweet, fruity taste for both to enjoy.

Enhanced taste and smell of intimate fluids, fruity and sweet.
Contains parsley and celery to neutralize any bad odors and/or tastes.
Immediate result: sweeter intimate fluids after a few days.

60 Capsules

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